DDR Memory Testing

DDR Memory Testing



At Global ETS we have the capability to not only authenticate all DDR devices, but to provide full functional testing using our custom software


Testing Features:

• Memory Configuration
• Memory Size
• Memory Frequency
• ECC or Non-ECC
• Real Bus Speed Testing
• Real Cycle Time and At-Speed Testing (True
• 1600Mhz Frequency)
• Uses state-of-the-art DDR controller
• Super-Fast Detail Test Time (4GB in 20secs)

DDR 2, DDR 3 Chip Supported
Type Configuration Package


DDR 2 X16 84-ball 7.5mm X 12.5mm
84-ball 8mm X 12.5mm


DDR 2 X8 60-ball 7.5mm X 9.5mm
60-ball 8mm X 10.0mm
60-ball 8mm X 10.5mm
60-ball 8mm X 12.5mm


DDR 3 X8 78-ball 8mm X 10.5mm
78-ball 7.5mm X 11mm
78-ball 10.5mm X 12mm
78-ball 9mm X 10.5mm


DDR 3 X8 96-ball 7.5mm x 13mm
96-ball 8mm X 13mm
96-ball 8mm X 14mm
96-ball 9mm X 13mm
96-ball 9mm X 14mm