Different Country of Origin Within the Same Date Code

When you observe a different Country of Origin marking inside the bottom pin and the devices are from the same date and lot code. This is an indication a device is remarked. A refurbish house will have devices from multiple date, lot codes and from a different Country of Origin. A secondary coating is applied to the top surface and the markings are remark. The bottom COO markings do not get coated and are mixed with devices that appear to be exactly the same on top surface and marking. Rely on the history in GETS database. This is just one reason to let Global ETS perform an external visual inspection. With our state of the art High Definition Keyence Microscope locating anomalies is easier and pictures are clear.

Bottom Pin Comparison PDIP Different COO Marking Same Date Code
COO Comparison on IC Remarked Top Surface with Different COO on PLCC Component
COO Marking on Remarked Component Remarked PLCC
Mixed COO Markings within the same lot of components Remarked Component Bottom Comparison