Full AC/DC Electrical Testing

Global Electronics Testing Services offers wide range of components testing from basic DC limited function to full DC/AC function test at temperature including up-screening of all type of devices. We are equipped with a wide variety of digital and linear test equipment to verify electrical operating conditions of active, passive, and discrete components utilized on various electronic assemblies. Typically, our clients specify different environmental test conditions depending on industry compliance requirements (i.e., Military, Automotive, Medical, etc.).


An array of electrical bench equipment (DC power supplies, Digital Multimeters, LCR and Source Meters) can be integrated to perform an assortment of component level tests. Additionally, the use of both low and high power curve tracers (Tektronix 576, CA4810A or Sentry machine, respectively) can be used to evaluate input and output characteristics of components. The pin to pin curve characteristics can also be used to compare known “good” devices with unknown devices to provide some minimal level of examination on the components. Also the pin to pin curve trace is helpful during failure analysis.


Devices family included:

Digital, Linear, Memory, and MPU
Linear IC, Op Amps, and Mixed Logic
Microprocessors, DSPs, Microcomputers
Memories, RAM, FPGA, ROM
Discrete Semiconductors, Transistor, Diode, Zener, SCR or Triac
Passives capacitors, Resistor, Inductor, Magnetic, Crystal, Filters


Thermal Testing

Speed Grade Verification

Thermal Testing Speed Grade Verification

Mask or Batch Number Verification

Mask or Batch Number Verification