Incoming Inspection


Incoming inspection is the process of verifying the condition of materials used for shipping.
At Global ETS we will check for the following:
  • Damaged Box

  • Type of package

  • ESD Protection

Correct MSL packaging - We verify if an order was packaged with the correct Moisture Sensitivity Level or MSL for short. There are 8 levels of moisture sensitivity when working with semiconductors and other integrated circuits. When devices are not packaged and vacuum sealed properly it could result in delamination or separation of layers, cracks, popcorn effect or damage to die. Moisture damage may only be seen under a microscope or during X-ray analysis.

Desiccant is a drying agent used to maintain dryness in package.

Humidity Indicator card

Correct MSL Packaging would include an antistatic bag, desiccant, moisture indicator card and would be properly vacuum sealed. If bag is opened or seal is compromised, devices must be mounted or used within the follow time:

MSL 1 - Unlimited
MSL 2 - 1 Year
MSL 2A – 4 weeks
MSL 3 – 168 hours
MSL 4 – 72 hours
MSL 5 – 48 hours
MSL 5A – 24 hours
MSL 6 Mandatory Bake before using

Confirm documents match the parts that were sent