Pin Size and Depth Comparison

The Pin Size and Depth on a component should be the same from one device to another if they are from the same date and lot code. Devices from different date and lot codes sometimes have a different size pin indicator. When a device remarked, the original markings are removed with a sanding process that also will sand down the pin cavity. Once all devices are coated and remarked you can compare devices to see the top pin indicators have a different size and depth. This is just one reason to let Global ETS perform an external visual inspection. With our state of the art High Definition Keyence Microscope locating anomalies is easier and pictures are clear.

Coating inside top pin Top Pin comparison on a refurbished electronic component
Different size pin indicators Top Pin comparison
Eaxmple of a coated IC with different size pin indicators Sanded and Remarked Component with Different Size Pin Indicator
Sanded Pin One Indicator on Component Close up Pin One Comparison on IC