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Electrical Component test LABORATORY

Global ETS (GETS) offers many of the most comprehensive, next generation of independent component authentication and unparalleled quality testing services available in the industry today. 

This is the type of independent, unbiased top tier quality component authentication testing lab the industry has been waiting for. While offering new, proprietary technologies, software, hardware and analytical testing methodologies, GETS is able to streamline testing services, resulting in flexibility that enables more affordable price structures in a quarter of the time for their client base, as opposed to GETS’ competitors that still offer dated, more time consuming testing methods that are much more costly.


Dan Tang

President/ CEO

Dan Tang

Dan is the president of Global Electronics Testing Services in the USA and Shenzhen China. He has a degree in electronics and was a production manager for Vishay Electronics for 15 years. He has worked very closely within the automotive and medical industries while employed at Vishay. He has an in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and TS 16949. Over the past 10 years, Dan is heavily involved in the electronic testing industry. He has worked with OEM, CM, and Independent Distributors to mitigate their counterfeit issues by providing complete solutions from all levels in the supply chain.


Steven CHUNG

Chief Technology Officer

Christina Weldon

Chief Financial Officer

Cheng-Hsun Lee

Chief Development Officer

Stan Larson

Chief Information Officer

Steven is a Certified Electrical Test Engineer with very extensive experience in the electronic device and fixture development and debugging. He has deployed test solutions domestically and in China.
He is experienced with Xilinx FPGA, CPLD testing and Steven is Certified with JTAG and Boundary Scan Tests. He is proficient in VHDL, Labiew, Xcode, Objective-C, HSPICE, C++, PCB Layout and L-Edit.
Steven has worked on Research and Developments such as Dram chips and module development and testing, RF device Testing – EMI Filter, Attenuation and MCU (microcontroller unit) to interface with digital devices, including DAC, ADC serial SPI and I2C Protocol.

Christina Weldon joined Global ETS as the Chief Financial Officer in August of 2022.  Ms. Weldon has elevated the finance and accounting department by building a team consisting of growth-oriented, dynamic professionals, implementing internal control procedures, streamlining processes, and providing solutions to sustain the current growth and prepare for future growth of the Company.  Prior to joining Global, Ms. Weldon was the Divisional Controller for DXP Enterprises where she completed the financial due diligence for several acquisitions in the Water Division and was responsible for financial reporting for those entities.  Ms. Weldon started her career in public accounting working for KPMG in the tax department.  She has over 15 years of progressive experience in private accounting with much of her experience in M&A and international business.  Ms. Weldon received her B.S. and her Master of Accounting from the University of Florida’s Fisher School of Accounting. 

Lee has extensive education in Mechanics, Chemistry, Materials and Processes. He took his Pre-MBA at San Diego State University, receiving his Masters in Material Science & Engineer from the University of South Florida, Tampa Florida.
Lee is the team leader for the Destructive Testing Department at Global Electronics, where his extensive chemical and materials training and experience are invaluable.
His work experience includes Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics with emphasis on Chemical Processes including design, control and procedure development. He has Research and Development experience using Analytical Chemistry, Materials testing and Chemical engineering.

Stan is the Director of IT at Global ETS.  He has been providing IT support for Global ETS since it’s inception in 2012.  Stan developed and deployed the enterprise software that is at the core of daily operations, including CRM, order management, and generating test report documentation.  His background includes a BS in Manufacturing Technology earned in 1985 and 15 years of IT experience with Fortune 100 companies Boeing, Publix Supermarkets, and Verizon.  Stan has an additional 21 years of experience as the IT manager of a highly successful independent electronic components distributor.


Amanda Fitzgerald

Director of Sales

Brandon Xiong

Production Manager

Hong Rosson

Quality Director

Amanda joined Global ETS as the Global Director of Sales in March 2023. She has 23 years of experience in Sales in the electronics component industry working closely with engineers and buyers at all levels within the Defence and Aerospace markets ranging from OEM, CM to ID. Her strength is to nurture and develop relationships, working closely with customers to better understand their requirements to both retain them and grow business. Amanda is a person with integrity which is the main reason she has been able to succeed in her role as a salesperson. She has seen on many occasions how falsifying can ruin one’s own reputation and in business that can have consequences. It can take a very long time and sometimes the outcome is not at all, to rebuild that trust. Her late Mum had the amazing gift to always see the good in people and it was her ability to show kindness and love no matter what, for which it was reciprocated. This quality has been instilled in Amanda and how she aspires to conduct herself both personally and professionally.

Brandon earned an AAS degree in Electronics graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology. Also earned a Diploma in Computer Technician from Fast Train. Experienced as an Electronic Technician in a combination of Retail and Manufacturing for about 19 years. Experienced in down-to-component troubleshooting on both board and system levels. This includes but is not limited to smt or thru-hole components. He has experience in component testing, Retail, and manufacturing. He is also an expert in computer skills, soldering, IPC610, IPC620, smt, thru-holes.

Dr. Hong Rosson is the Head of Quality for Global ETS. She has worked for more than 35 years in the aerospace, semiconductor and telecommunications industries, supporting companies ranging from small research and development operations to large multi-national defense contractors. She has held various roles in software engineering, hardware design, testing, systems engineering and management. Dr. Rosson earned her Doctorate in Operations Research from the Florida Institute of Technology. Additionally, she earned a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida, a Master’s Degree in Aviation Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida. She is the Section Chair of the Melbourne, FL section 1524 of the American Society of Quality. Dr. Rosson also has an extensive set of certifications, including Six Sigma Black Belt, CQM, CQE, CSQE, CRE, CQA, and is an ISO-17025 Lead Auditor. For a decade she has worked with GETS, building a comprehensive and flexible Quality Program. In her position, Dr. Rosson is responsible for developing the strategic vision and plan for quality, leading program expansion opportunities and ensuring the GETS quality program is effective and exceeds our stringent customer expectations. As GETS has grown worldwide, Dr. Rosson has developed and implemented the GETS Quality Management System and lead the team through ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, ISO 17025, and DLA QTSL certifications. She also supports GETS strategy initiatives, training, troubleshooting and customer relationship management.

Allen Chen

Director of Marketing

Luis Rivera

Visual Manager

As the marketing director of Global ETS, Allen possesses a wealth of skills in media creation, with a bachelor’s degree and years of experience using Adobe and video editing software. He also obtained a master’s degree in marketing from the University of South Florida. Allen excels in developing and implementing creative strategies that align with marketing objectives, such as crafting content that effectively conveys the company’s brand image. He holds certifications in inbound social media strategy and conversational marketing from HubSpot Academy and Drift. By leveraging digital marketing and data analysis in his role, Allen is dedicated to creating even more professional marketing strategies that drive sales growth and deliver optimal customer satisfaction.

Luis comes to global ets as the supervisor of the external visual inspection department. Luis is a certified quality external visual inspector with extensive experience in counterfeit electronics component detection components. He is trained and familiar with external visual inspection per MIL-STD-833 (TM2009, pre-cap visual inspection per MIL-STD-833 (TM 2017 ) and mechanical inspection per MIL-STD883-2 .His work knowledge includes being proficient in testing standards like as6081, military, as well as aerospace standards. Luis provides GETS with excellent lab technical assistance in research development, experimentation, failure analysis and implementation. He is proficient with a wide range of optical microscope and scanning electron microscope. He is dedicated to the flawless execution of testing to endure highly accurate results and reporting.


Stephen Saddow


Alexandro Castellanos


Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in higher education. Skilled in Silicon Carbide Materials and Device Fabrication. Currently working at the nexus of Material Science and Bioelectronics to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. Strong educational background with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park and numerous visiting Scientist/Professor stages in Europe and Brasil.

Dr. Castellanos’s research interests lie in the area of cyber physical systems, embedded systems, Internet of things (IoT) and control theory for industrial applications in the areas of Mechatronics and Industrial Automation.


Tom Zheng

Research Engineer

Tom is a Research Engineer for the Electrical Department at Global Electronics Testing Services, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. His focus is to assist in the development and implementation of software geared towards Automation and Artificial Intelligence applications. Tom is experienced with Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript and is specialized in back-end software development. He works with the project lead in developing Artificial Intelligence and automation software to contribute towards the vision of improving Global Electronics’ productivity and efficiency in the production workflow.



Receiving Supervisor

Robin Barry

Electrical Technician

Katherine Altenburg

Electrical Group Leader

A Lab Technician with considerable knowledge in many phases of the Component testing field, Ronnie has over a decade of experience in Receiving, Electrical Testing, Shipping, Materials Handling, and Recording Keeping.
Ronnie currently serves as Receiving and Intake Department Head at Global ETS, and the record keeping in relation to those functions. She has a lifetime background in customer service and is one of the main customer liaisons with Global.

Robin is a Certificated Testing Technician with 10-year experience in counterfeit electronics component detection. Her experience includes Pin Correlation Testing, Memory Testing, Device Program and Erase, and Jtag device development and ID check.
Robin provides GETS with excellent lab technical assistance in research development, experimentation and implementation. She is proficient with a wide range of Electrical Testing equipment and is dedicated to the flawless execution of testing to ensure highly accurate results and reporting.

Kathy is a Certificated Testing Technician with extensive experience in counterfeit electronics component detection. Her experience in Pin Correlation Testing and Logic Testing(Truth table Testing) provides GETS with excellent lab technical assistance in research development, experimentation and implementation.
Kathy is proficient in the operation of a wide range of Electrical Testing equipment and is dedicated to the flawless execution of testing to ensure highly accurate results and reporting.

Sales Team

Trent Chmelik

Sales Engineer

Brandon Tang

Sales Rep

Trent is a recent graduate who earned a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics and earned a Master of Science in Spacecraft Systems Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology. He was a full-time student-athlete playing football as the starting quarterback for all 5 years of his education. He is highly motivated and is ready to use his technical engineering skills and knowledge to establish long-lasting business relationships to help promote overall growth for Global ETS.

Brandon is an account executive at Global ETS, helping manage accounts across all three branches of Global ETS across the US, China, and Malaysia. He has been working in the component industry for 7 years, working with Global ETS across multiple sections such as decap, shipping, and now sales! Brandon studied at the university of Tampa for a degree in international business and marketing. He uses this experience to provide a quick and easy experience for the customer.


Whensheng Chen

Plant Manager

Chengyu Lee

Visual Team leader

Wensheng Chen got industrial engineering master degree from USF, worked at Mercedes and Geely-Volvo in quality and production area, as test engineer, head of quality. Planned advanced quality system, launch luxury products, manage operation quality. Accumulated high experience with quality management, lead production operation, problem solving with 6 sigma, PDCA, 8D methods, process audit and project management.

Chengyu Lee has 5+ years of academic history in Computer Science and Business Analytics & Information Systems. Strong analytical and communication & interpersonal skills with proven track records from prior internships, work experience, and research projects. Exceptional technical skills in data analytics and proficient ability to use Python, Java, SQL, R Studio, and Tableau. Received his master’s in a double major in Business Analytics & Information Systems and Global Sustainability from the University of South Florida, Tampa Florida.
Chengyu is the team leader for the Visual Department at Global Electronics California, He has extensive experience in detecting counterfeit electronic components and is familiar with external visual inspection, including proficiency in AS6081 test standards, military standards, etc.


Steven Harriot


Jegathis Sellan


Muhammad Syarif


Steven Harriot is the Director of Global Electronics Testing Services in Malaysia. He has been involved in Printed Circuit Board Assembly testing and inspection equipment for over 20 years, supporting the major OEMs and CMs in the electronic industry throughout Malaysia. Steven also runs an engineering house fabricating test fixtures and programming. His vast knowledge in process and testing in SMT and production environment; allows him to understand and provide comprehensive solutions on component and authentication testing.

Jegathis Sellan  is an Electrical Testing Engineer. Having trained in GETS USA, he plays an invaluable role in leading the technical team since the birth of GETS MY. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Management, as well received his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has exceptional experience in Automation and in-circuit test (ICT) and is familiar with JTAG and Boundary Scan Testing on PCBA level. Jega has also good experience at in-circuit testers hardware and software development. Having abundant experience in the field of component testing, he is proficient in every authentication test available in GETS Malaysia.

Muhammad Syarif is An Electrical Engineer with an extensive education background in the engineering field. Syarif received his Electronic Engineering degree from University Sains Malaysia, and now holds a Master’s Degree in Technical & Vocational Education Training from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. Having ample of industry experience as an NPI engineer and Process engineer in PCBA, Syarif has vast knowledge of Statistical Process Control, C++ language, PCB fabrication, Cadence/VLSI and OrCAD.

Benjamin Harriot

Business Unit Executive

Ooi Jia Jie

Quality Manager

Benjamin Harriot earned his Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia in Canada. Majoring in Forensic Psychology, he has experience in research and has been involved in several studies on deception in North America. As a liaison between our clients and GETS MY team, his priority is to build a strong relationship with them and understand their needs. Internally, Benjamin provides support to the team to ensure cooperation among the departments in accomplishing individuals’ maximum performances and achieving the company’s goals.

Ooi Jia Jie obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from University Tunku Abdul Rahman. Having years of experience in the business industry, he excels in working with customers globally. His important role in delivering satisfaction to our clients by providing high quality services when assisting them on their orders in  component authentication testing. The movement of orders coming in and the release of test reports are being monitored by JJ on a daily basis to ensure GETS MY clients received the best results in a timely manner.