AS6174 : Counterfeit Materiel; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materiel


1. Materiel Authenticity Assurance Plan
The organization shall develop and implement a materiel authenticity assurance plan that documents: its processes used for assuring that only authentic and conforming materiel is procured from legally authorized sources, and its planning to be used for risk mitigation, disposition, and reporting in the event any counterfeit materiel is encountered in its supply chains.

2. Authentic and Conforming Materiel Availability
The materiel authenticity assurance processes shall maximize the availability of authentic and conforming, originally designed and/or qualified material throughout the product’s life cycle, including management of materiel obsolescence.

3. Purchasing
The procurement/purchasing processes shall:
Assess potential sources of supply to determine their likelihood of delivering authentic and conforming material. Assessment actions may include surveys, audits, review of product alerts, and review of supplier quality data to determine past performance. 

4. Purchasing Information
The documented process shall specify contract/purchase order quality requirements to maximize the likelihood of being provided authentic and conforming material. 

5. Verification of Purchased Product
The documented processes shall assure detection of any counterfeit material prior to formal product acceptance. The rigor of the verification process shall be commensurate with product risk. Product risk is determined by the criticality of the material and the assessed likelihood of receiving counterfeit material. 

6. In-Process Investigation
The documented processes shall address the detection, verification, and control of any in-process (post-acceptance) and in-service suspect counterfeit material.

7. Materiel Control
The documented processes shall specify methods for manufacturers to Control excess and nonconforming material to prevent it from entering the supply chain under fraudulent circumstances. Manufacturers/suppliers and their approved supply chain shall implement an effective returns process that segregates and assesses the returned items until validated as authentic and unused.

8. Reporting
The documented processes shall assure that all occurrences of counterfeit materiel are reported, as appropriate, to internal organizations, customers, government reporting organizations, industry-supported reporting programs, and criminal investigative authorities.