Counterfeit Components Training


Is your company ready and equipped to provide customers with the confidence and the surety needed when procuring electronic components from a Non-Authorized source? Is your team of Inspectors/Buyers/Engineers/ Quality Managers well versed in the logistics and the advanced preparation necessary to procure and then visually recognize substandard and suspect counterfeit components? 

In cooperation and partnership with ProSkill CTG, GETS offers a counterfeit Component workshop for those who want a better understanding of counterfeit components, and the industry as a whole. 

Businesses who benefit the most from our Training Program:

  • Contract Manufacturers

  •  Original Equipment Manufacturers

  •  Authorized Component Suppliers

  •  Unauthorized Component Suppliers

  •  3rd Party Test Companies/Services

  •  Equipment End Users – Department

Highly recommended for the following job titles:

  • Receiving Inspectors

  • In Process Inspectors

  • Supply Quality Engineers

  • Quality Managers

  • Component & Equipment Buyers

  • Sales Program Management

Program Highlights:

• Counterfeit electronic component definition per SAE AS5553B
• Images of Military systems/equipment compromised by counterfeit electronic parts
• Videos/Images of actual Suspect and Counterfeit electronic parts
• Counterfeit Component Prevention Process/Procedure Templates (ready to use)
• Proskill CTG Counterfeit Component Inspection Check Sheet
• Customer Furnished Material-Installation and Responsibility
• Images/Videos of X-rayed Suspect Counterfeit Internal Dies and Wire Bond/Ball Bonds

• Overview of the DoD adopted SAE Standards; AS5553B, AS6081,
AS9100 and AS6171
• Overview of Military QPL and QML as reference tools
• Counterfeit Detection Inspection Checklist
• Solvent/Chemical Testing Information
• Military/Commercial-Part Markings
• XRF for Counterfeit Component Detection
• Bound Reference Manual with Counterfeit Component Visual Samples
• Portable High-Powered Endoscope/Microscopes Equipment
• 60 Question Exam
• PRO-STD-001 Certificate Presentation