Extended MLCC Testing Services

Extended MLCC Testing Services

(Extended Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Testing)

Due to the high demand of mobile phones and computer tablets, the demand for MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Chip capacitors) has started to outstrip the supply, especially for special MLCCs. This is particularly true for Class I MLCCs with special specifications such as high voltage and frequency stability, and for such stringent applications as automotive, military and aerospace. Under this situation, the opportunity for counterfeit OEM and replacement capacitors to enter the supply chain has reached a peak. This is especially true as the majority of MLCCs have no marking and cannot easily be distinguished from the outside, which gives unscrupulous vendors a lot of opportunities for fraud. Global ETS is a leader in MLCC testing with our multi-level proprietary software development and processes.

Testing consists of the following:

  • Capacitance

  • Measurement

  • Test Frequency

  • Dielectric Withstanding  Voltage

  • MLCC DC Bias Effect

  • MLCC Temperature Characteristics Testing

  • Insulation Resistance and Leakage Current

  • Cross-Section & Metallography

Effect of DC bias on capacitance X5R: