Hermeticity Testing

Hermetic Seal Testing

Hermetic seal testing is a crucial requirement for military, space, as well as commercial hermetically sealed devices. A lack of hermeticity is a reliability concern and may allow moisture and contaminants to enter the internal cavity, which could lead to premature failure. We conduct seal testing per Mil-Std 883 method 1014 conditions A1 and B1 & B2, Mil-Std 750 method 1071 conditions H1 and G1 & G2, Mil-Std 202 Method 112 conditions C, D, A and E, and client specific requirements. Testing is also performed per Telcordia GR1221-CORE and GR468-CORE for passive and active devices.

Results of Hermetic Testing
Results of Hermetic Testing
Hermetic Fine and Gross Leak Testing

Global ETS offers a wide variety of fine and gross leak testing for many types of hermetic devices including packages constructed of glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, silicon, or any combination of materials.

  • Krypton-85 Fine and Gross Leak Testing
  • Fluorescent Dye Impregnation
  • Helium Fine and Gross Leak Testing