Value-Added Services


At Global ETS we understand time is critical for our customers. As a result, we provide value-added services once component testing is completed.


  • TAPE & REEL SERVICES: Large or small parts from 2mm-144mm pitch with heat or PSA cover tape per EAI standard 481.
  • BAKING & DRY PACK: Many devices are moisture sensitive; with improper packaging this can cause major issues for the end user. Moisture induced interface delamination begins with the package absorbing moisture from the environment, which condenses in micropores in polymer materials such as the substrate, die attach and molding compounds. During the PCB assembly process, when the part is exposed to high temperatures associated with the soldering process, popcorning may occur. We can eliminate these issues by baking and dry packing all moisture sensitive devices, based on J-STD-033B-1 processes, prior to leaving our facility.
Value-added services


Global Logistics:

Shipping globally can be a nightmare if you do not know the rules and regulations. You can end up paying high taxes, delayed shipments as well as have your shipment confiscated due to improper documentation.

Global ETS can provide a full range of logistics services and expertise that can save you money, time and ensure proper documentation, so your shipment does not get stuck or
confiscated through the customs process.

We have a network of logistics professionals spanning the globe, ready to help, including an office in Hong Kong and our bonded warehouse in Penang, Malaysia.

You need a global distribution network to excel in today’s marketplace. Global ETS can provide that network, giving you a competitive edge without the expense.

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