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Component Resource Center (CRC)

Leveraging our decade of experience, GETS provides a secure and reliable platform for individuals and businesses to easily find part information.

Our Plans

Screenshot of Global ETS’ Component Resource Center (CRC) interface displaying data on Die Topography, Die Markings, KG Availability, Part Number, Date Lot Code, Images Count, and Location, with an image resource showing the top of a device with markings.

Extensive Part Portfolio

Users will be able to view data for over 2 million different devices, making it a flexible tool for OEM’s, CM’s, and others, to find information about parts suited for specific needs. Additionally, many of these parts have golden samples to be referenced.
Screen capture of the Global Electronics Testing Services component database webpage, displaying a list of electronic parts with their respective part numbers, manufacturers, and KG status indicated by red or green circles.

Easy Accessibility

Our database ensures convenient access to all die records from any location. Whether you are in the office or working remotely, our user-friendly platform allows members to make informed decisions quickly.
Close-up images of three different microchip die photos, showing intricate circuit designs and labeling on the components.

Verified Information

GETS has provided all part details and pictures, as every part has gone through testing at one of our many certified facilities. Updates will be performed in real-time, giving consumers the ability to retrieve the most current information.

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