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Dan Tang

Dan Tang is the Founder, President, and CEO of Global ETS, LLC, and has been a catalyst in developing solutions aimed at eliminating the spread of counterfeit electronic components. Dan holds a degree in electronics, and his background includes 15 years as Production Manager at Vishay Electronics. With a wide-reaching network that spans Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Manufacturers (CMs), and Independent Distributors, Dan has built a high level of trust and reliability throughout the electronic components ecosystem. Dan continues to set standards and inspire the next generation of professionals as he leads the industry.

Headshot photo of Global ETS Founder, CEO, and President, Dan Tang.
  • Headshot photo of Global ETS Chief Technology Officer, Steven Chung.

    Chief Technology Officer

    Steven Chung

  • Headshot photo of Global ETS Chief Financial Officer, Christina Weldon.

    Chief Financial Officer

    Christina Weldon

  • Headshot photo of Global ETS Chief Development Officer, Allen Lee.

    Chief Development Officer

    Allen Lee

  • Headshot photo of Global ETS Chief Information Officer, Stan Larson.

    Chief Information Officer

    Stan Larson

  • Headshot photo of Global ETS Chief Strategy & Quality Officer, Tai Nguyen.

    Chief Strategy & Quality Officer

    Tai Nguyen

  • Director of Operations

    Jason Houston

  • Strategic Account Manager

    Joseph Pniewski

  • Director of Global Technichal Support

    Brandon Xiong

  • No Image

    Senior Director of HR

    Rosario Gilkes

  • Director of Research

    Feng Yu

  • Manager of Project Engineers

    Chih-Yun Pai

  • Director of Electrical Production

    Liwei Xu

  • No Image

    Quality Manager

    David Tran

  • Director of Operations

    Whensheng Chen

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

    Chengyu Lee

  • No Image

    Director of Operations

    Kenneth Flores

  • Director of Operations

    Peter Yan

  • Director of Operations

    Dennis Sarinas

  • No Image

    Production Manager

    Hayden Wong

  • Director of Operations

    Liwei Lin

  • Sales Manager

    Cindy Chen

  • Director of Operations

    Steven Harriot

  • No Image

    Operations Manager

    Chu Huat Lee

  • Engineering & Quality Manager

    Jegathis Sellan

  • Business Analytics Manager

    Benjamin Harriot


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