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Advanced Component Warehousing & Logistic Operations

At Global ETS, we understand the complex landscape of warehouse operations and the challenges that businesses face in today’s fast-paced environment. Through our proprietary software and hardware solutions, we offer a comprehensive warehousing solution to enhance logistics operations.

Site Capacity

The facility spans a total of 18,000 sq ft, with 8,000 sq ft allocated for warehousing purposes. The interior boasts a ceiling height of 12 feet 7 inches, providing plenty of room for storage.
A white Royal Malaysian Customs building with several garage doors and a security post at the entrance. There is a black car parked in front of one of the garage doors and green recycling bins are visible on the side.

Private Bonded Warehouse

GETS’ Malaysia warehouse has been approved and issued a license by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) for our services. Parts may be stored for up to 2 years, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of customs duties and taxes.
A formal document in Malay language by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, with letterhead, text, signatures, and a circular stamp at the bottom right corner. The document appears to be a certification of partnership between them and Global Electronics Testing Services.

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Flowchart showing the process of component warehousing with Global ETS. This starts with a Quotation, and once approved, parts go to the GETS Warehouse for Receiving, Incoming Inspection, and Storage. It continues to a GETS Testing House for Testing, and finally ends with Shipping.
Key Services:
Warehousing Solutions:
Secure and strategically located storage facilities to keep your inventory safe and accessible.

Break Bulking:
Efficient handling and distribution of bulk shipments tailored to your specific needs.

Drop Shipping:
Direct shipping from the warehouse to your customers, enhancing delivery speed and reducing handling costs.

Quality Assurance:
Rigorous authentication and test inspections to guarantee the integrity and quality of your products.

Customization and Value-Added Services:
Offering re-taping, repacking, and relabeling services to meet your specific requirements.

A room with a blue signboard that reads 'Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia Cawangan Pengurangan Pulau Pinang Unit GLP Global ETS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd' and a metal rack below it. To the right is a closed door.

Customs Control and Security

Bonded warehouses are under the control and supervision of Malaysia customs authorities. This ensures that goods stored in the warehouse comply with customs regulations and are secure. It helps prevent unauthorized access and minimizes the risk of theft or fraud.
The logo of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department with two tigers facing each other, a circular emblem in the center, and a sun with a crescent above it, all in yellow and blue colors with the words 'KASTAM DIRAJA MALAYSIA' below.

Duty Deferral

Import duties and taxes are deferred until the goods are removed from the bonded warehouse. This allows businesses to defer the payment of customs duties and taxes.
Interior of a large semiconductor warehouse with empty blue and orange industrial shelving units and a high ceiling with bright lights.


Our brand-new warehouses are equipped to ensure optimal conditions for all types of components. We understand that chips are generally very sensitive to temperature and humidity. Therefore, all products will be stored in a clean, controlled, and ESD-safe environment with temperature and humidity levels within specified ranges.
A Global ETS technician wearing gloves and a lab coat with the words “Global ETS” stitched near the collar, is working with a blue and white semiconductor testing machine in a laboratory setting, with computers and equipment in the background.

Testing Option (One Stop Shop)

All customers will have the option to request pre-shipment testing at our certified testing facilities to guarantee product quality and authenticity. Our advanced AI technology combined with our expert inspection team can detect damage, defects, and counterfeit items faster and more accurately than any other testing facility.
Interior of a warehouse with tall metal shelves stacked with large, wrapped pallets of electronic components.

Inventory Management

We excel at implementing strategic inventory solutions to optimize the supply chain. Product tracking status and full product specifications can be viewed using our LOTUS system. This ensures that our customers meet their strict deadlines.
A Global ETS technician in a laboratory coat operating a microscope to view the die of semiconductors, surrounded by various pieces of component testing equipment and monitors displaying magnified images.

Inspection & Handling

Each incoming package will undergo inspection by our receiving inspection team as well as our new AI Counterfeit Detection System. This automated system captures images, conducts part counts, and scans the part for any physical damage such as bent leads. This stringent process guarantees the quality of incoming parts prior to storage.

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