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GETS Lab Lean Operation Management System

Dec 7, 2023News


Global ETS (GETS) offers cutting-edge independent component certification and quality testing services, establishing itself as a highly regarded and impartial testing laboratory. Utilizing lean production management and advanced patented technology, GETS standardizes testing processes and times, continuously optimizing operations under ISO-certified systems to reduce costs, elevate customer satisfaction, and bolster the laboratory's competitiveness.


Global ETS (GETS) provides a complete independent review of components using a wide range of AI proprietary technologies and is recognized as the leader in quality component authentication.

GETS uses the concept of lean production management, combined with unique patented software, hardware, analytical testing, and tracking methods to standardize the testing process and testing time. Based on the ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ISO 17025 system architecture, the goal is to continuously optimize the operating system, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance the competitiveness of the laboratory.

GETS employs a comprehensive set of procedures to enhance its operations and deliver optimal services. Part of these procedures includes conducting value stream analysis. This ensures the standardization of testing processes and testing times with improved quality. The alignment of information and material flow is achieved through advanced IT systems and real-time order tracking, guaranteeing precise and timely information. The application of ISO standards, as mentioned before, elevates the level of quality management and minimizes errors. Integrated management is also in use, which encompasses personnel, equipment, materials, and methods. This optimizes resource coordination and utilization while maintaining consistency and quality. Order management and tracking systems are used to visualize order allocation and completion, with a goal of completing each order within an average of no more than 4 hours in each department. The process is aiming to reduce wait times and enhance overall efficiency.

The successful implementation of these methods often requires the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement, employee training, and the maintenance and ongoing improvement of IT systems. The comprehensive application of these methods allows laboratories to continually adapt to evolving needs and markets.

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