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Re-tinning Services

Re-tinning is a process involving the application of a thin layer of tin to the leads' surface, effectively removing the original external layer. In electronics, tinning is frequently associated with soldering, playing a crucial role in facilitating the soldering and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes.

Manual Tinning

Manual tinning procedures, characterized by the submersion of components into a tin bath, are susceptible to a range of human errors. These errors include inconsistencies in crucial factors such as dip time, dip angle, processing speeds, and overall precision. The manual tinning process is labor-intensive, requiring a high level of skill and experience from operators to maintain accuracy.

Automated Tinning machine

Our Automated Tinning Robot is the product of intricate engineering, elevating levels of precision and efficiency within engineering-controlled environments. Meticulously designed and calibrated, this robotic system ensures a heightened degree of accuracy in the tinning process, adhering to stringent standards.

GETS Exclusively Developed Model

GETS is thrilled to unveil an exclusive automated system, developed in-house, aimed at enhancing all aspects of tinning services. The addition of our machine allows for precision, repeatability, and the minimization of human error. This machine is designed to seamlessly handle customized requests with unprecedented flexibility, ensuring that each customer's unique needs are met with a tailored and efficient solution.

Technical Capabilities

We specialize in crafting customized model parts for our automated tinning system. Our precision designs are specifically tailored to the system's requirements. With a diverse range of materials, we maintain rigorous quality control for these specialized components.

Expert Engineering

Our team comprised of skilled engineer’s adept at transforming your conceptual ideas into tangible reality. This team specializes in optimizing designs specifically for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), meaning that the end results align exactly with your expectations.

Material Diversity

Equipped with a wide array of materials, we possess the capability to match the most suitable material to your precise application requirements. Our meticulous selection process guarantees optimal performance for every project.


Our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) ability is marked by unparalleled versatility, accommodating projects of various scales. Whether you require small-scale prototypes or large-scale production, our capabilities are designed to meet the unique needs of projects, regardless of size.
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