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AI X-Ray Counter

Our AI X-Ray Counter has the ability to accurately count parts on a reel within seconds.

Traditional Method

Manual Counter

The potential for inaccuracies, the risk of damage, the labor-intensive nature, and the absence of real-time data contribute to inefficiencies in workflow.

New Method

AI X-Ray Counter

This device provides users with the capability to precisely count components in real-time within seconds, reducing the likelihood of damage and ensuring operational continuity and precision..

AI X-Ray Counter

The AI X-ray parts counter is engineered for precision in part counting, offering a versatile solution for various applications.

Inclusive Support

This system is designed to accommodate various reel sizes and components, including reel diameters from 7 to 15 inches. Moreover, the system showcases its advanced capability by efficiently counting Surface Mount Device (SMD) components, extending its functionality to parts above 01005. This broadens its utility, making it suitable for counting and managing a diverse array of parts in different manufacturing processes.

Precision Counting

The exceptional precision embedded in our AI X-ray counter leads to an outstanding accuracy rate of 99.9%, ensuring unparalleled reliability and precision in the counting process. This high level of accuracy not only enhances the overall efficiency of the counting operation but also eliminates the need for dedicating significant time and effort to manually verify or recount the items.

Swift Performance

The counting process for each reel, traditionally a time-consuming task spanning several minutes, has been significantly expedited and can now be accomplished in just a matter of moments. Upon completion of the counting procedure, once the accuracy is confirmed, the results will be promptly presented alongside a detailed X-ray image of the respective reel.
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